Mauchline Parish Church
Mauchline Parish Church

Mauchline Parish Church
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Dear friends,
Please join us in the Church on Sunday at 11.15am.
Unfortunately, due to the government's Covid restrictions numbers are strictly limited, so you MUST book a seat.
Please contact me by either phone or email to reserve your place.
If we are fully booked then we will operate a rota system, so everyone has the opportunity to attend in person at some point.
If, after booking, your situation changes and you can no longer attend please let me know, so that your seat can be reallocated.
Facemasks must be worn in church, unless you are medically exempt, and social distancing must be observed.
Contact telephone numbers of everyone attending will be taken and will be kept for three weeks in case they are required for Track and Trace purposes.
If you wish to use a Bible, or even a cushion, then you will need to bring your own.
There will be music during the service, but no singing.
Everyone will be escorted to an allocated seat and you MUST stay in it.
The seating plan has been carefully calculated to ensure that everyone is at least two metres away from everyone else.
Please do not put others at risk by shuffling along the pew to get a better look at the flowers or even the preacher.
If the rules are not observed then there is a risk of infecting our friends with Covid, which none of us wish to do, or being ordered to close our doors.
If you are not joining us inside the church you can still join us on Facebook or YouTube to hear our weekly worship.
Our Facebook link is here.
The Prayer Chain, with Sue Crawshaw as the coordinator, remains active and ready to respond to request for prayer.
This is a well used resource, so please do not be shy about contacting Sue on 07807 524954 with your prayer
request or to receive a copy of the Presbytery Prayer Booklet by email.
We also continue to come together for a short period of prayer in the quietness of our own homes every Sunday at 7pm.
I am well aware that many of you are continuing to been assist neighbours, family and friends who are still vulnerable and largely confined to home.
However, any of us could receive a call or other message telling us to isolate for fourteen days if we have been in contact with someone
who tests positive for Covid-19.
If you do feel able to provide help by collecting shopping or other essentials for those in our community who
are self isolating and delivering it to outside their door then please contact me with your availability.
Similarly, if you need items uplifted and delivered to you then get in touch and we shall make every effort
to organise assistance.
You can also contact Voluntary Action South Ayrshire for further advice and support services.
We are very grateful to everyone who has made a financial contribution in these difficult times.
I know that many people are facing their own financial difficulties, but it is clear that many of you are
still providing financial support to the church, and we are very grateful to you.
Don't forget that you can donate online, and our Facebook page has the link.
Despite the troubles of this last year (and they have been many) our Church community has managed to come
together to support each other, and to continue to offer worship to the Lord.
Now, with our doors open once again and with the Rev. Allan Vint to lead us we can look forward to the next
stage of the journey as we continue to advance God's kingdom here in Mauchline.
Kirsty Murray
Session Clerk
01290 552465

The Trussel Trust has been hit very badly over the last few months of lockdown.
As things seem to be improving somewhat, Elizabeth Morris has started to take donations to the Food Bank.
If anyone would like to provide tins, packets, jars, etc. please leave them in a bag on her doorstep at 17A Station Road, Mauchline,
and she will take them to the Kilmarnock Depot which is open.
Church Officer: Mrs Alexis Lowe 07852 353552
Session Clerk: Mrs Kirsty Murray 01290 552465