Mauchline Parish Church
Mauchline Parish Church

Mauchline Parish Church

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The local Foodbank has reopened, and donations can be brought to the Church for onward delivery to Cumnock.
Dear friends,
BUT……….. Some Restrictions Have Returned
Sunday morning worship is continuing within our Church building, and you are welcome to attend.
However, with the increase in cases of the new variant of Covid 19, there are a few changes.
First, a reminder of the existing procedure.
You require to use hand sanitiser on arrival/departure and to provide your name and contact details for Test and Protect.
Face masks MUST be worn, even when singing, unless you are medically exempt, and the building is a little chillier than usual, as the doors
remain open to aid ventilation.
We had moved to a system where around half the seats in the church were freely available, with the other half being socially distanced.
We are now asking ALL households to stay at least one metre away from everyone else.
In simple terms this means that there should always be an empty pew directly in front of you and plenty of space on either side.
At both the organ and the pulpit side this means returning to the "Zig- Zag" arrangement which we used previously.
In the centre section, leave an empty pew in front of you and, sit with one household at each end of the pew.
Coincidentally, the hooks used to hold the tablecloths at Communion are one metre apart.
Look at these markers.
If it is not possible to position yourself so that the two hooks are between your household and the one already seated, then sit somewhere else.
Upstairs remains open, and there is plenty space available there.
The most important change relates to Testing.
EVERYONE is asked to complete a Lateral Flow Test, and obtain a negative result, before they come to church.
This is a very important step in trying to prevent the spread of the Omnicom and one which applies to all social situations, not just attending at church.
If you are not able to join us in person on a Sunday morning, our service is now available via Livestream and can be watched at 11.15 on a Sunday
or at any time which convenient for you.
If you are not joining us inside the church please remember that you can still join us on Facebook or YouTube to hear our weekly worship.
Our Facebook link is here.
The Prayer Chain, with Sue Crawshaw as the coordinator, remains active and ready to respond to request for prayer.
This is a well used resource, so please do not be shy about contacting Sue on 07807 524954 with your prayer
request or to receive a copy of the Presbytery Prayer Booklet by email.
We also continue to come together for a short period of prayer in the quietness of our own homes every Sunday at 7pm.
I had hoped that I would not need to update this page until I was able to say that all restrictions had been lifted, but unfortunately this new variant
requires us to be very cautious once again.
As a consequence of that caution, we have decided to suspend the Fellowship Half Hour for a time.
Hopefully, if we all observe the new requirements this new problem can be overcome, and we will soon be able to return to normal worship.
Until that time we can continue to explore new ways to share in worship and continue to support each other.
Any of us could receive a call or other message telling us to isolate for ten days if we have been in contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19.
If you feel able to provide help to those affected by collecting shopping or other essentials for those who are self isolating and delivering it to outside
their door then please contact me with your availability.
Similarly, if you need items uplifted and delivered to you then get in touch and we shall make every effort to organise assistance.
You can also contact Voluntary Action South Ayrshire for further advice and support services.
I thank you all for your continuing cooperation as the Kirk Session strives to make communal worship as safe as it can possibly be.
The Trussel Trust has been hit very badly over the lockdown period.
Elizabeth Morris is still taking donations to the Food Bank.
If anyone would like to provide tins, packets, jars, etc. please leave them in a bag on her doorstep at 17A Station Road, Mauchline,
and she will take them to the Kilmarnock Depot which is open.
Session Clerk: Mrs Kirsty Murray 01290 552465
Church Officer: Mrs Alexis Lowe 07852 353552