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Mauchline Parish Church

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24th January 2021
Dear friends,
Good morning.
As you all know, the Church building remains closed for worship, as instructed by the Scottish government, but you may see some activity about the building.
The Kirk Session has approved the installation of a telephone link, so that we may have an internet connection inside the Church.
This would mean that we would be able to "Livestream" services from our own church building, and would be a means of enabling people who could
not attend in person, either because of Covid restrictions or for other reasons, to watch the service live and join the congregation in worship.
We will keep you advised.
Until the new technology is up and running, we are still to see and listen to a brief service from the Rev. George Fiddes via this website, and he is
always willing to provide pastoral help and support, as is your elder or pastoral visitor.
The work of the Prayer Chain, with Sue Crawshaw as the coordinator, is active and ready to respond to request for prayer.
Please contact Sue on 07807 524954 with your prayer request or to receive a copy of the presbytery Prayer Booklet by email.
We come together in prayer in the quietness of our own homes at 7 pm every Sunday evening.
As you know, our church income is much reduced due to the current closure.
I know that many people are facing financial uncertainty due to the huge economic problems which we face, but please do consider arranging
a standing order, sending a cheque or visiting the Church of Scotland website in order to make an online payment.
It is a simple process, and it would help a lot. Our income is much reduced and the bills do keep coming.
I am well aware that many of you are continuing to been assist neighbours, family and friends who are still vulnerable and largely confined to home.
However, as lockdown eases any of us could receive a call or other message telling us to isolate for fourteen days if we have been in contact with someone
who tests positive for Covid-19.
If you do feel able to provide help by collecting shopping or other essentials for those in our community who are self isolating and delivering it to outside
their door then please contact me with your availability.
Similarly, if you need items uplifted and delivered to you then get in touch and we shall make every effort to organise assistance.
You can also contact Voluntary Action South Ayrshire for further advice and support services.
Every Sunday we come together in a short period of prayer in the quietness of our own homes at 7pm, asking God's guidance for the days ahead and giving thanks for all His goodness.
This is not only taking place in Mauchline.
Christians across the whole of Scotland, including at least fourteen separate denominations or Christian organisations continue to join together in prayer
every week, and it is good to feel that we are a part of this broad Christian community.
There is a suggested prayer on the Church of Scotland website or, if you prefer, please do offer your own personal prayer as we seek God's guidance at this difficult time.
God is with us, and He will hear our prayer.
As I write this the snow is falling, and it is no great hardship to "stay indoors", but, I'm sure like many of you, this household is thoroughly fed up with all the
rules and restrictions:- and worried about what may be still to come.
However, looking out on the snow, I am also reminded of the words in "Desiderata"
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be.
And whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.
With all its sham and drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

It is indeed a beautiful world, and I thank God for the wonders of His creation.
Kirsty Murray
Session Clerk
01290 552465

The Trussel Trust has been hit very badly over the last few months of lockdown.
As things seem to be improving somewhat, Elizabeth Morris has started to take donations to the Food Bank.
If anyone would like to provide tins, packets, jars, etc. please leave them in a bag on her doorstep at 17A Station Road, Mauchline,
and she will take them to the Kilmarnock Depot which is open.
Church Officer: Mrs Alexis Lowe 07852 353552
Session Clerk: Mrs Kirsty Murray 01290 552465